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Badger Hill Scout Group


Badger Hill Group has two minibuses, an LDV 17-seater and a Transit 14-seater, both in Scout livery.

Obviously they’re primarily for the use of the various sections at Badger Hill, but when they are not being used by us they are available to other local Scout and Guide groups and to other organisations such as clubs and schools in return for a donation. We supply the bus with a full tank of diesel and we ask you to return it full.

All seats are fitted with seatbelts, and the buses are fully insured including a recovery service. Our insurance requires that all drivers must have held a full licence for at least 2 years and be over 21 years old. If you’re going to tow a trailer you also need endorsement D1 on your licence which ceased to be an automatic category on licences in 1997. It's unlikely that anyone who has taken their driving test since then will have D1 on their licence unless they've also taken the separate driving test for larger vehicles.

If you’re another Scout or Guide Group or any voluntary organisation intending to accept remuneration in any form for providing transport you’ll also need your own ”Section 19 Permit” to display on the bus. This is an operators permit allowing you to charge your members without having to comply with the full PSV/PCV licensing rules. Our permits only cover us for our own members.

Most Badger Hill leaders driving the buses have a MiDAS certificate and observe MiDAS recommended best practice in all aspects including rest periods and relief drivers. We strongly recommend that other drivers should have this training particularly if you're carrying young people although we don’t make it a condition of borrowing the buses. We will want to see your licence, including the paper part if you have a photo ID licence, or the printout of your driving record from the DVLA website.

One bus is fitted with a towbar so a trailer can be towed as long as the side door is kept clear as a means of emergency exit and the legal requirements on gross train weights, and the towbar manufacturer's recommendations on towbar down-force weights are followed. From practical experience we've found that towing a trailer with a minibus when it's also carrying a full or nearly full load of passengers is hard work for both the driver and the bus, so we suggest you put some passengers in another vehicle or tow the trailer with something else if you're in this situation.

Following expensive damage that occurred when one bus was loaned out, we do not allow any camp equipment such as heavy tentage, cookers, tables, etc to be carried in the buses and only personal kit such as rucksacks, daysacks, and other soft items should be inside. The towbar is there for an equipment trailer although we don't have any to lend, but we have a spare bus index plate you can put on your own trailer.

Until this same incident proved otherwise we didn't think we’d need to point this out, but you should never carry gas cylinders in a minibus with passengers aboard! It's also illegal to carry them even when the bus is empty unless there is an "inflammable gas cylinders" sign on the bus or trailer to warn the emergency services in the event of an incident, and our buses don't have such signs.

To find out availability and any other details, email